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"Sending Cosmic Questions Out Into the Void...

...So, Goodnight Dear Void."

21 February
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Irish Girl With Red hair, Pale skin, and Freckles who's a little too obsessed with faeries!

I went to George Mason University and majored in painting and now have a job as a graphic designer.. yays :B

Not to be all evil or anything but I also have a Xanga:


Update: Man I was weird when I was younger - Anyways I rarely use this anymore but occasionally come to vent about BS that has happened in my life, so if you're interested in seeing me vent about anything, feel free to come here occasionally LoL! To once again quote Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail: "I don't really want an answer. [(necessarily xD but feel free)]. I just want to send this cosmic question out into the void. So good night, dear void."